Welcome to Skåne

Swedish Health Care

Equal access – the key to keeping Sweden healthy. People in Sweden are living increasingly longer. The average life span is now 84 years for women [...]

Specialist Medical and Dental Training Programs

Specialist Medical Training   The quality of healthcare in Sweden is consistently top-ranked internationally. Skåne University Hospital in [...]

About Skåne

Skåne is a province located at the most southern tip of Sweden, just a stone’s throw across the water from bustling Copenhagen in Denmark. The [...]

Learning Swedish

We offer an intensive course in Swedish for all candidates accepted to the specialist medical training program, to efficiently learn Swedish to [...]


Moving to a new city or country is both exciting and challenging at the same time; Finding a home? Registering your children at school? Intercultural [...]

School and Child Care

Every child has equal access to free education in Sweden. The Swedish school system is regulated through the Education Act, which mandates ten years [...]

This is sweden

Sweden is breathtaking landscapes, snowy winters, rainy summers and endless sunshine. And family life is sacred; did you know that Sweden offers [...]

The open Sweden

Protecting openness Openness and transparency are vital parts of Swedish democracy. The democratic society is protected by four fundamental [...]

20 things you should know before the move

Preparing yourself for Sweden may include understanding a few societal norms that are distinctly Swedish – some quite basic, others more subtle. [...]